Dhillon on Americans Fight Against Government Overstep

Dhillon on Americans Fight Against Government Overstep

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FNC’s ‘The Ingraham Angle’ To Discuss Americans Fight Against Government Overstep

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

We have eight lawsuits. We filed our 8th lawsuit today and tomorrow we will be filing a lawsuit in another jurisdiction, one of those blue states, Laura, on behalf of an orthodox Jewish congregation that is being discriminated against by officials. So Laura, what we’re finding is that I think at the beginning of this, everybody was giving the government the benefit of the doubt. But as we’ve seen these numbers dive, thankfully, we are seeing the repression increase on a daily basis and it’s becoming very petty, arbitrary, tyrannical, and needless to say, unconstitutional. So with respect to the situation in Maryland, we have the same thing here in California, the governor has banned all protests which is unconstitutional and I’ll be having a temporary restraining order hearing with the federal court on Thursday on that and two beach lawsuits that we filed, another one today in federal court, Laura, it is arbitrary. It is like the mean teacher in school who punishes you for something that you didn’t do. It’s just not right. We are all adults. It doesn’t work.

That’s right. There’s no science here, Laura, but what there is, is a motion and manipulation, mass hysteria and out-of-control power mongering by these people. The next thing they’re going to do and they’re already trying to do in Kansas City, is ask for information from churchgoers and start tracing them. This is private information going back to the civil rights era when liberals tried to harass members of the NAACP. They can get private information and they will abuse it. What’s next? AA members and their contact information? So, Laura, this is a massive crisis and it is not going to stop until courts begin to put a stop to it.

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