Dhillon on Coronavirus Measures in California

Dhillon on Coronavirus Measures in California

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FNC’s ‘At Night with Shannon Bream’ to Discuss Coronavirus Measures in California

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Fair enough but we are almost eight weeks into this crisis and frankly the numbers have not borne out the initial panic and the initial planning that the governor did yet he’s actually ratcheting up his restrictions on some communities and what was totally bizarre about the beach shutdown that you have mentioned, is that it is only the beaches of Orange County. As I argued in court today, we believe that he targeted Orange County because Orange County’s board of supervisors decided they wanted to start opening up businesses as slowly and safely in that county. And so, punished 3.2 million residents of Orange County and closed 42 miles of beach where the beaches are open on the counties on either side. So I think it is legally unsustainable and we’re looking forward to the next hearing on this matter.

If I had that publication I would use it for starting the fire here, it is complete garbage and that is not true. Actually, Republicans including myself, fight for the right to life. In court, we value that very much. I don’t know anybody who wants to get sick from this disease. However, I don’t know anybody on my Republican circle wants to live on their knees either or at the whim of the governor who picks up the fake news and looks at one photograph and says “Oh, let me punish Orange County.” It doesn’t meet the basic standard of rational basis review, much less strict scrutiny which would apply when you have the right to travel, the right to liberty, and the right to assembly. Those are actually entitled to much greater protection than some of the church cases that Alex mentioned, which are at a lower level of protection under our constitutional scheme. So I do not think that his position is going to hold up and I seriously doubt that the governor is going to continue to defend this position, more likely he’s going to find somebody to weasel out of it by changing his order. That is what I expect will happen.

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