Dhillon on CA Gov Cracking Down on Beachgoers

Dhillon on CA Gov Cracking Down on Beachgoers

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FNC’s ‘The Ingraham Angle’ To Discuss CA Gov Cracking Down on Beachgoers

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

The goalposts keep moving with this governor and I would say at the beginning of this crisis, many of us were complimentary of his willingness to work with our president. But in the last couple of weeks, he’s really gone in the opposite direction. I think that the fact that the legislator is not in session, nobody is asking him any questions and he has really gone off the deep end, as you just mentioned in Orange County today. Yesterday’s order, last night that trickled out through news reports was that he was going to shut down all the beaches in the state and all the state parks. There was an uproar overnight and he dialed that back to only punish Orange County, and you know, you just heard him he said, “a couple of people here, a couple of people there,” but 42 miles of beach have been closed. Meanwhile, beaches to the south, beaches to the north are not being explicitly closed by the governor’s order. So this is really problematic, Laura and we have filed half a dozen lawsuits to challenge his COVID-related actions over the last two and a half weeks and we’re going to keep filing lawsuits until we get all of these issues covered in the courts, Laura.

Yeah, absolutely, Laura. I feel like I’m back in grade school and the state of California or Orange County or whatever target of the day is being sent to the principal’s office. There’s no due process. There’s nobody to appeal to, and there’s no connection between your behavior and the punishment that you’re experiencing. This simply does not meet constitutional standards. There are Fifth Amendment takings issues, First Amendment issues, a host of them, we filed three lawsuits on that – equal protection, due process, and even some liberal legal scholars are beginning to criticize the governor for his ban on protests in the Capitol. So while we’re being locked in, we can’t even protest it even petition our government. So he can’t get away with this, Laura, you know, so far he is. But on April 30th, we’re at a very different place. We were at the beginning of this crisis, yet, we are getting more extreme crackdowns, and not less than we had at the beginning of it.

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