Dhillon on Bernie Sanders’ Super Tuesday Win in California

Dhillon on Bernie Sanders’ Super Tuesday Win in California

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on Fox News To Discuss Bernie Sanders’ Super Tuesday Win in California

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Happy to be here. Yes, the president is very popular amongst Republicans across the country so that comes as no surprise. You’re also seeing several Republican candidates in the down ticket doing very well and we’re going to see some Republican and Republican races as a result of the enthusiasm. For the president, remember that Democrats did not want the president actually be on the ballot in California for that very reason. But we did fight and get him on the ballot.

You have to remember that California is a complex where we’re not going to finish counting the votes until 30 days from today. That’s traditionally been the case and so my understanding from my friends here who are supporters of Bernie, a lot of them put their votes in early and vote by mail is the majority of the votes in California now particularly in the urban areas. So the later ballots have overwhelmingly been cast in favor of Joe Biden instead as a response to the Democratic party machine coalescing around him in the last 48 hours and I think you’re going to see Biden improving. You’re also going to find that Bloomberg is actually going to win delegates in numerous counties as well. So those are going to end up being more split than what the vote result looks like right now tonight, Heather.

Here is the deal. Right now the Democrats are looking at Bernie versus Weekend at Bernie’s with Joe Biden. His cognitive state is very troubling. It has to be. So I would not be surprised to see a Democrat like Bloomberg stay in the race. Now, Warren doesn’t have the money but Bloomberg does and the concern would be that if Biden’s condition worsens, does Bloomberg want to come in and be the person to save the party with their super delegate model there at the convention. I think that is a possibility and he has the money and he is going to pick up some delegates. So I think that’s a possibility.

I don’t think that Biden is moderate. There are no moderates left in the Democratic party. Remember that Biden came to the stage in Texas with veto and his gun grabbing agenda. That’s really not going to go over very well, I think, with the majority of voters in those areas. And on top of that, he, like every other Democrat, is in favor of open borders. He’s blatantly tell people he’s going to raise their taxes, abortion in the ninth month and on and on. That’s not moderate. The Democratic party today has gone far to the left. I think that while it may be something that he felt like he had to do to compete in this primary race, it is not appealing to voters in my opinion and not enough of a distinction from some of the other Democrats to really turn out the vote.

My pleasure.

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