Dhillon on Coronavirus Outbreak in America

Dhillon on Coronavirus Outbreak in America

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on Fox News at Night To Discuss Coronavirus Outbreak in America

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

I do think it is wise to test people because the way these cruise ships work is that the staff are there for months at a time, and they live in very close quarters so it is a recipe for people to get infected with being in close quarters. But there’s no reason for hysteria. I think it’s being handled correctly. We’re testing people and bringing them off the ship. And those who are at risk or who have been exposed will be quarantined. The number of quarantined people in the United States has been rising as a precautionary measure. And, I think it is being handled well. We’re not seeing the explosive spread of it like we did in China where they were trying to cover it up and suppress it by other means.

It’s a huge issue Shannon, and this is not an issue just related to the coronavirus, as Fox News has reported. We have typhus, we have hepatitis, we have typhoid. We have a lot of other diseases spreading, and nobody in California seems to care about this issue. And Cathy, with all due respect, we have lots of tax money in California, as the most highly-taxed state. We are lacking in political will to deal with this issue. And if one person with coronavirus, gets off a street in San Francisco, gets off a ship and then sneezes on a homeless person, which I guarantee you will happen because they are all over the place, they’re in my neighborhood. You are in a recipe for disaster. And I don’t think we have the political will to deal with this. This is not a funding issue. It is a political issue.

What about the open border on the southern border where people can come in by the thousands every day, we are ignoring that part of this issue as well.

Of course, I’m glad to see people working together on this, this hysteria is not necessary. And we need to work together. I do think the hysteria is being whipped up by Democrats. And I’m glad to see that toning down now, as we get our arms around this and see that the American population is healthier than some other countries and we’re not seeing the spread the way that we have in these other more totalitarian areas.

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