Dhillon on Big Tech Trying to Control Coronavirus Conversation

Dhillon on Big Tech Trying to Control Coronavirus Conversation

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FNC’s ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ To Discuss Big Tech Trying to Control Coronavirus Conversation

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Tucker, the word Orwellian is sometimes overused in this space but it is really truly chilling the extent to which the government is now working with our big tech overlords to silence our speech on very important issues. You and I have both talked about this before. We said, if they were allowed to do this in China and America turned a blind eye, they would do it here in America. It happened much sooner than I thought. What you are seeing is very odd. I’ve gone to court for The Center for American Liberty to get the right to protest against some of these orders in the California capital, and the governor banned all outdoor protest. The state comes in to court and they say, “don’t worry, judge, it’s okay to ban that protest because people can go protest online.” Which is of course silly because you can only communicate online the people who you already know and you are friends with, but what if you can’t even do that? That is where the other shoe is dropping now. You can’t even communicate and protest online. People are going to die because of this. More importantly our civil rights are being ratcheted down in one direction. The government doesn’t get off scot-free here. When people sue like Prager University and others have sued YouTube for taking down their videos, it is a private company and they are certainly way there, but where the government is actually instructing and conspiring which is happening with some of these states, contacting and working with Google, Facebook, Twitter and others to take down the misinformation. That is the government using these tech companies as their tool. All of a sudden, it is a whole different scenario in terms of legal liability as well as in terms of the horrible impact on Americans, Tucker.

The media are left for the most part, Tucker. And secondly, the media got a free pass out of this lockdown. So, churches – no, protests – no, media – yes. So, their different rights have different levels of protection under the First Amendment according to the government. You’re never going to here this, they like people being put in their place. We see this, every day on the news screens.

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