Dhillon on CA Sanctuary Law

Dhillon on CA Sanctuary Law

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘The Evening Edit’ To Discuss CA Sanctuary Law

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

This is really scary for those of us in California who believe in law and order, Liz. What we have here in California is a sanctuary state policy that had multiple parts and the Trump Administration challenged all of those parts. Ultimately, they won on one of them at the ninth circuit. Then, the government appealed that. So now, basically the situation is that the state of California has barred law enforcement and other people from cooperating with federal authorities to enforce our immigration laws. That includes trying to capture criminals or accused criminals who may have committed rapes, human trafficking, drug dealing, assaults, mainly by the way, targeted at immigrant communities. So this is really bad situation. Add on to that, defunding the police and it is in those liberal jurisdictions like Oakland where the mayor, Libby Schaaf, actually warned wanted criminals who are illegal aliens that they should flee in the wake of an I.C.E raid that we’re really promoting lawlessness in California. So I think that the federal government needs to look at other things they can do to step up the enforcement to keep us safe.

Well, you really put your finger on the problem and the problem is that right now, the law says if there is warrant out for the person’s arrest that the authorities can cooperate in that circumstance but it’s a chicken and egg. Somebody came here illegally, they committed a crime, they are not in the system, the government is being trained now in California to look the other way. So how is the federal government supposed to know? Now, in some counties, sheriffs who actually do believe in law and order are posting the names of people who are about to be released from their jail facilities where now a lot of our petty, lower level criminals are actually held in local county jails and not in prisons because of prison overcrowding. So that’s the way that if I.C.E. were properly and fully staffed and alert, they could be waiting outside the jail to pick these people up. So that would actually involve the federal government increasing funding and deployment of I.C.E. resources. When you think about it, having a lot of I.C.E. officials roaming around is actually scarier to the general public than simply having cooperation between your regular law enforcement. The argument that democrats make here in California is that we, that it is intimidating to illegal aliens, but I think a lack of law enforcement is intimidating to everybody.

I think that the problem here is that all criminals should be prosecuted and it is outrageous that state authorities shield them or shield a portion of them from prosecution. It makes all of us less safe.

I think it is actually going to happen in a lot of our coastal liberal communities – San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, San Jose, some of these big cities, they’re going to do that. People are fleeing the cities. That is what is happening.

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