Dhillon on ‘Chop’

Dhillon on ‘Chop’

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet K. Dhillon Appears on the ‘FOX & Friends First’ To Discuss ‘Chop’

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Absolutely, they do. Now, to start with, a lot of citizens think that they have a right for the police to protect them in this type of situation. Unfortunately, that is not true. However, if the police put you in a more dangerous situation, or the government, or the mayor of Seattle puts you in a more dangerous situation and leaves you there such as putting concrete barriers in a way that these gang of so-called protesters could actually use them to block, to move them around and block safe vehicles or ambulances from coming in, I think that could be a claim against the government for violation of civil rights. In addition, the people who are trapped or who are business owners, who are residents who live in this area, they could absolutely sue both the protesters and potentially the city as well for a nuisance, for the noise, for the hazards, for the marijuana smoke, for the other conditions that are being created and that the government is allowing to be there. So for example, in San Francisco, citizens have sued the city for allowing homeless encampments to be put in areas that put people at risk. So that’s type of theory that could fly in this circumstance.

I think the question would go back to, “Did the government allow the conditions where the police and the ambulance could not get in there?” So I’ve seen these concrete barriers that the city is selling those as saying, “Oh, we’re actually allowing emergency vehicles to come in.” It will be pretty easy for these people, who are, a lot of them, and some of them quite violent and on drugs frankly to move those barriers. A few of them could get together and move them. And, if that happen, and in fact because the government provided these barriers that were then manipulated by this unruly mob to prevent people from coming in, I could absolutely see a claim against the government in that circumstance and you could sue the individuals who created this action against you, you could sue people for personal injury, you could sue people for the nuisance like I said, you could sue for damage to your property, and I think you could also sue the government for the effect of taking of the property, because if the government has created such a nuisance there and in fact allowed these people to take over this area which the mayor seems to be doing, that really deprives a business owner or an apartment owner of any reasonable use of their property during that time. So that could be a type of a takings claim under the Fifth Amendment.

I don’t think it ends well. We’ve seen today, AR-15s being handed out of the back of a car there, this is not sort of innocent protesters, this is a violent mob and it needs to be stopped and put down.

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