Dhillon on Democratic Debates

Dhillon on Democratic Debates

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘Fox News at Night’ To Discuss the Democratic Debates

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Thanks Shannon. Well, I hate to be forced to agree with Van Jones on anything, but he is absolutely correct. If I were a Republican back in 2016 looking at that debate stage but without Donald Trump, I would feel a sense of dismay as well because none of those people up there last night could beat the president. It was just a soporific, boring, painful at times to watch episode. It looked like a bunch of people who weren’t fired up about winning, as many Democrats have pointed out about the debate. It was pretty bad for the Democrats.

I think Van Jones and folks like that, David Axelrod and many others in that orbit are onto something. Iowa is in three weeks. I didn’t see anybody there who was no holds barred ready to win it because that really is really the fire in the belly is required. We had some elderly people who are running which is fine but Joe Biden it was sometimes painful to see him scrunch up his eyes and sometimes seem to wonder where he was. I would be very concerned if I were a Democrat. But you know, as a Republican? I love it.

Absolutely, again, I hate to say this but I think of that lame crowd last night, Bernie Sanders came out looking like he knew what he was talking about. He has high energy relatively, and in that whole fake stage world wrestling federation type, you know hot mic episode that you mentioned at the top of the segment, he was classy. He said, “Let’s talk about this when we don’t have everybody listening.” Warren was clearly picking this fight knowing that her mic was on and that she was going to try to use it which is kind of pathetic.

Thank you Shannon.

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