Dhillon To Participate in Its Lightning Round Segment on ‘Fox News at Night’

Dhillon To Participate in Its Lightning Round Segment on ‘Fox News at Night’

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘Fox News at Night’ To Participate in Its Lightning Round Segment

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Well, I have two reasons. One is the Second Amendment which allows people to bear arms and the second is the First Amendment. And it is clear from the governor blackface’s statement there that he is punishing people with a prior restraint on their speech which includes carrying weapons to protest the laws in Virginia and advocate for their Second Amendment rights by banning those weapons and declaring effectively a form of Martial Law there in Virginia. It should be no surprise to anybody that this guy is trying to clamp down on these rights, but I hope he has met with an injunction in federal court because these are blatant constitutional violations.

This isn’t an absolute ban Shannon. And B, this is not a law being passed by a legislature, this is Martial Law by an executive. This is outrageous.

I have to live in this anarchy which is very troubling, but for him to go and fire prosecutors. Some of them has experience and pretty much every who is handling gang violence and gang prosecutions is really losing decades of experience and setting back our law enforcement. He is also not going to apply California’s three strikes law, which like it or not, is the law nor gang prosecution laws. The people who this hurts, Shannon, are actually the minorities and the people who live in these minority and this less affluent communities. The wealthy people who elected this guy, the Nancy Pelosi’s, the Dianne Feinstein’s, people like that in specific heights, they have private security. They’re never going to suffer from this, but I can tell you that victims are very upset about this, their families. If your loved one was killed and you had a prosecutor with 30 years’ experience prosecuting that case, and today nobody is prosecuting it, you would be pretty upset too.

I’ve been following this with care, I am a member of the California bar and I think Ethan would agree with me that lawyers who do these things are a poor reflection on our profession. Avenatti is accused credibly of not just ripping off clients but also his partners and many other people. So it is a bad day for him and I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.

Thanks Shannon.

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