Dhillon on Dem’s Impeachment Embarrassment

Dem’s Impeachment Embarrassment

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FNC’s ‘The Ingraham Angle’ To Discuss Dem’s Impeachment Embarrassment

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Well, I think the president thrives on it, first of all, and that’s sort of his superpower. And, I think you are absolutely right, Middle America, normal people do not count out and just love what these foreign leaders are saying, or disrespecting our president is really going to backfire on them. I and many Americans love the fact that he is demanding accountability from these wealthy foreign powers who are refusing to pay their fair share which is he was doing a lot. Exactly right.

These are the ways of desperation, Laura. They don’t have enough of any one theory and even put together enough. Absolutely, a grab bag and the desperation shows, that, look, as a trial lawyer, I can say in a real court these people would not be allowed to testify even as expert witnesses. They had no knowledge, we don’t know what the facts are, they are unable to get beyond their bias, they are unable to cite the law that supports their positions, and it really shows. Turley took the right approach which is stepping back from their myopic vision and pointing out what harm these people are doing to the Constitution, and to future Democratic presidents by the way, because if these are the new rules this is going to happen to every future president.

They can vote him out if they don’t like it.

Just the appearance of this, they did themselves no favors, politically. Setting aside the content, who wants to hear professors prattle on with their bias?

Yeah. That’s who she is.

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