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Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss Impeachment

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Thanks Lou. Sure. Well, the President was in a great mood today at the White House. He greeted supporters with a very positive message, he said a lot of the same things that you just mentioned. He mentioned our amazing economy, the jobs, numbers being off the charts, all of the things that he’s accomplished so far and that he intends to accomplish, he joked about how pathetic the Dems are and Pelosi and how they’re flopping and invading our rights. And so I think everybody at the event felt very positive that the President was in good spirits and ready to fight and so we’re his supporters. So I feel very good about it as I left the White House today.

I am ready for war. Lou. I spent my day here in DC on Capitol Hill having meetings with members with staff and with the RNC and talking about some of the legal issues that we need to pursue and I’m happy to report that the RNC is ready and has already been fighting hard on impeachment and will continue to do so. I’d love to see some more members of Congress engaged in the fight like Devin Nunes, like a few others have, they need some backup and I think that’s a little bit overdue. But this is a fight for the future of our country, not just for the party and not just for this president. And so there is no time like now, in the in the words of the Godfather, you know, it’s time to go to the mattresses, this is war.

That’s right. Well, I think they are beginning to see their future depends on it as well, because you only have to look at what’s happened over the last year in Congress to see that. A few votes difference makes all the difference in the world between your civil rights being violated or not being violated. So Lindsey Graham might be joking today about not wanting to see his own phone records out there in a report but that’s exactly what’s going to happen because these people have lost all respect for the Constitution, all respect for the First Amendment, all respect for the opposition, all respect for the future and the Constitution and our rights. And so we have to stand up and you know, whether it was Democrat or Republican, I would hate to see this happen by any abuse of power by an elected official. And so Democrats, Liberals, the ACLU, those people need to stand up and see what’s happening here. We can’t have this happen in our country with journalists, members of congress being abused this way.

Well, if I’m the last person standing, Lou, I will be fighting and I promise you I’m not alone. We have many warriors who are fighting, you know, not 100% but we need to get it there and we have to put everything on the line to win in 2020 and then we can talk about advancing the agenda but right now there’s nothing there’s nothing but this to fight for.

Thank you, Lou. Happy to be here.

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