Dhillon on Elon Musk Lawsuit

Dhillon on Elon Musk Lawsuit

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘FOX and Friends’ To Discuss Elon Musk Lawsuit

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

His lawsuit is interesting. I have actually sued the state 10 times over the same shutdown, but specifically his is about not the state’s shutdown order but the differences between Alameda County’s shutdown which is more restrictive in his view and other counties. So there’s a second facility that Tesla has in San Joaquin County and they’re allowed to operate but Alameda County is saying after some negotiations, “We’re not going to let your factory open.” That is the main manufacturing facility in America. Obviously that’s crippling to the 20,000 employees of Tesla in California. That’s why he is threatening to move it all to Texas and maybe other places. I think he has a good reason to. And I think that you probably are going to see some movement certainly out of Alameda County.

Lorena Gonzalez with the law she passed last year has been responsible for the deaths of more jobs in California than any other member of our legislature. She is from San Diego so it’s not really her backyard or her business. Very foul mouth on that lady. But look, if I’m a business owner, which I am, and I’m having my 20,000-person factory shut down in California, you better believe that I’m looking across the border to Nevada and other states that are beginning to open up. Because those people, they may have jobs right now, buy they can’t work and that’s unsustainable for America’s companies. So California really needs to wake up and start changing its policies and open up safely but faster.

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