Dhillon on Joe Biden Sexual Assault Allegation

Dhillon on Joe Biden Sexual Assault Allegation

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘The Evening Edit’ To Discuss Joe Biden Sexual Assault Allegation

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

It didn’t surprise me because we’ve already heard from a number of other people in various media including, apparently her mother on Larry King and other people who’ve testified, you know, or mentioned to the media that she expressed various aspects of this over time. So it seems consistent, it seems she’s been talking about it for many years and not just lately which was the case with some of the Kavanaugh accusers and others. And so, it adds to her credibility, but it doesn’t really change the story, in my opinion.

Well, the situation with the who’s on first between the archives and the university is sort of politics as usual. Obviously, somebody who’s been a senator for most of his life or otherwise in politics has a lot of political poll in Delaware, and so it doesn’t surprise me. It’s very disappointing because it seems to me yet again the swamp in various aspects is defeating the right of the people on really on bipartisan basis and the media to find out the facts here. The ‘90s were a time where, you and I were both working in that time as well, that certainly had a somewhat different attitude towards sexual harassment and even sexual assault in the workplace. That said, I’m afraid to say things haven’t changed that much. Her story has changed in some regards. It’s very difficult to say you were sexually assaulted by a senator then you’re made to feel uncomfortable. So that’s something that I suspend judgment on but I do think it is true that she’s been complaining about this conduct that occurred and that’s where she worked at the time. So where there’s smoke, it certainly merits investigation by the senate at a minimum perhaps. I’m not sure of their jurisdiction. But more importantly, democratic voters and the Democratic Party needs to really be taking a look at this and wondering whether they are really buying themselves a big problem and a headache. Certainly, if this were a Republican, I would be urging that this be investigated.

For one thing, I agree with Tara Reade that the asking of a potential or alleged victim to take a lie detector unilaterally is a presumption of guilt. Why should she take one if it isn’t evenly applied? Secondly, as a lawyer, I will tell you that polygraphs are beatable and they’re not very reliable, so it really would mean nothing to me if either of them passed or didn’t pass the polygraph. That’s kind of an outdated concept. But what is important is that Joe Biden not just sort of stand behind his wall of silence that all of his including female supporters are sort of grouping around him and saying he doesn’t need to answer this question. She’s entitled to be believed. What happened to me too? That was just last year, I think, when everybody was saying believe the victim of #MeToo. Look, if Joe Biden were being judged by the same standards that he has applied to male students being accused of violations on campus under Title IX, Kangaroo courts. He would be hanged at this point already. We need to have some fair standards. Hold him to his own standard. I think that’s an appropriate standard.

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