Dhillon on Flynn-Russian Ambassador Phone Calls

Dhillon on Flynn-Russian Ambassador Phone Calls

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘The Evening Edit’ To Discuss Flynn-Russian Ambassador Phone Calls

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Absolutely not, I kept reading to wait for the punch line to see where is the part where he violated the Logan Act, where he interfered with American foreign policy, where he did anything other than what a top foreign-policy official and an incoming administration would do, which is urge restraint, urge that we not shut down any avenues and pursue the American interest. So I am further disgusted to see that this man and many others were put through such a horrible abuse of their civil rights for no reason at all other than political advantage. Heads need to roll. I’m also disappointed that three and half years into this, we still haven’t seen accountability from the FBI and probably some members of the DOJ as well.

There was a deliberate attempt to conflate that discussion that you just very well summarized with a different part of the transcripts where Kislyak tries to ring up the issue of sanctions which is very different than expulsions. In general, Flynn doesn’t take the bait. He does not rise to that. He is simply saying, “Look, don’t let this thing get out of control, there’s about to be a new administration, let’s deal with each other on equal footing, it’s all both of our countries’ interest because we have a common enemy, a common problem in the Middle East.” I’ve read this thing a few times now and I don’t see any honest interpretation there that supports the Mueller investigation spin on this, the prosecution, the witch-hunt against this man and they would never have been able to got a warrant in my opinion based on this, which is why they went with their entrapment attempt. And, of course, General Flynn being somebody at a very high-ranking level in an incoming administration had no reason to believe that the FBI would come in, lie and then attempt to misconstrue what he said in that interview by putting something different in the 302s, they’re official reports than what actually happened. When you compare that transcript to the notes that were taken, that went into the 302, some of the same words were used, so it’s clear that General Flynn actually used the words ‘boxed in’ which as you mentioned is in the transcript but that never appears in the 302 which was the basis for the prosecution. This is a travesty, this is a disgrace, and people should lose their licenses and their jobs over this.

I obviously agree with Richard Grenell having seen these documents and even before that having seen a lot of other information about how this whole charade was carried out. Swalwell was carrying water for that deep state establishment and he went on television and he lied, he is a partisan and by the way he’s a former prosecutor. That was his job before he went into congress immediately before that. He knows better than to misconstrue, than to lie, than to take things out of context to achieve political ends. It is shameful that a lawyer would do that. So I think Richard Grenell has the best of that argument and the best thing here is a transparency. You’ve seen so much screaming in Washington over the release of this information, trying to stop and trying to personally attack Richard Grenell, very viciously, anybody can see that on social media and Twitter and in other avenues. Why? Why would members of our government try to keep this information secret? It ought to prove their case, right? Well, it doesn’t. And that’s why. They’re humiliated and they should pay a political price for it.

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