Dhillon on George Floyd Protests and Antifa

Dhillon on George Floyd Protests and Antifa

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ to Discuss George Floyd Protests and Antifa

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Lou, thanks for asking and thanks for having me. Our law provides for designation officially of international terrorist organizations, and I think Antifa should be designated as such. But right away, the president can do something called putting together joint task force. That’s something that the DOJ already has a right to do, and they can immediately begin coordinating different agencies – Homeland Security, FBI, other surveillance and national security outfits to then coordinate with local law enforcement as well. But the problem is the local law enforcement in these blue states don’t want to prosecute Antifa. That’s been the problem in Oregon and in Portland. That’s been the problem in other big cities. And so it’s really going to have to be the FBI doing it from scratch and as Congressman Banks mentioned, they’re a year behind. They could have been doing this already. But hopefully, they can start now.

Completely, Lou. I think what’s going on here is a confluence of factors and this, you know, Susan Rice is completely out of touch and out to lunch. For many years we’ve had these types of violent protests in American cities. They started with the Occupy Wall Street movement which itself came out of European Black Bloc movements, and then we had Black Lives Matter which was some legitimate concern over police brutality in certain cases that was then hijacked by malicious forces, and today we have Antifa which is building on all of that. What happened in those earlier protest movements, Lou, is that the ACLU and other liberal groups sued all of these cities to punish them for arresting people and breaking up these protests claiming those were First Amendment violations, and as a result, a lot of these cities have signed consent where they will not go in and disturb protesters unless somebody’s about to be killed. So we’ve seen the consequences of that, we’re reaping that now, and Antifa now is organized. So what Congressman Banks was saying is absolutely correct. These guys have national leaders. They travel from state to state, they use telecommunications, they use social media to communicate. They even, there’s reports of bricks being delivered in an organized fashion to different riots in advance so that they could be used as weapons, and they’re using these African-American communities and others for their troops. That’s what they’re doing.

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