Dhillon on Gov. Newsom’s School Closure Order

Dhillon on Gov. Newsom’s School Closure Order

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillion Appears on FNC’s ‘The Ingraham Angle’ To Discuss Gov. Newsom’s School Closure Order

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Sure. Laura, the California constitution, the United States constitution guarantees students an education and they guarantee equal protection, and they guarantee that students will not be discriminated against from the basis of their race or disability but Governor Newsom shut down 80% of the schools in California, private and public, does all of those things. It denies education by forcing this fake distance learning on kids. It totally ignores that learning that is supposed to occur for special needs children. It falls disproportionately on minority and low-income families and single parent families and it basically gives up on the education of children in California who are already betrayed during the spring semester by the fake distance learning. As your prior panel pointed out, this is totally scientifically baseless, this is unnecessary, this is driven not by teachers themselves but by the California Teachers union and association and this is all about terrorizing the populace. As you said, Laura, parents are beginning wise to this and it is across the political spectrum. My phone is overwhelmed with parents from all across every walk of life and every type of politics upset about how this is destroying their family’s peace of mind, economics, moms having to give up their jobs and children who are good children in school are withdrawing, they’re getting depressed, suicide. All of these things. It is child abuse. That’s what it is Laura, it’s a betrayal. This is an economy that spends $100 billion in California on education, and this is what they are doing, they’re phoning it in. It is unacceptable, Laura, and we need to make sure the governor does not get away with it.

Not at all. The nonsense that… and I had a press conference today and I had liberal reporters asking me, “So you want the teachers to die?” No, I don’t want the teachers to die and neither are they going to die based on literally read a book once in a while. There is no support for that. But for people who are scared, people who are vulnerable, we can have options for those people. This is the country that put the man on the moon. So we can absolutely solve this problem, Laura, and we must. We cannot just pump this. We have to fix this.

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