Dhillon on Lawsuit Against Gavin Newsom

Dhillon on Lawsuit Against Gavin Newsom

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘America’s Newsroom’ To Discuss Lawsuit Against Gavin Newsom

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

I actually represent all the plaintiffs in this case and we are seeking on behalf of parents and kids throughout the United States that the governor provide, as state law requires, effective education for all children in California. Instead what the governor is doing, is by order of barring over 80% of California’s kids from having in-person learning, given the fact that the children are the least at risk of this disease, that they have suffered tremendously, particularly special needs, disadvantaged, and socioeconomically challenged kids have really been hit hard by this, and even the best performing kids have. The state needs to step up and do better and spend the resources necessary to provide protection and make sure that every child in California has access to education. That’s the state’s duty.

No. Because that’s a non sequitur. The state of California already has a $100-billion-dollar budget that is higher for student than almost any other state in America. It’s almost $20,000 per student in the LA Unified School District. The 9 billion of that dollars are specifically for disadvantaged learning challenged children with special needs. So none of that money was used, if you talk about a budget in the spring. They didn’t do the education for those people. The state should have a surplus there, but even if it doesn’t, education funding generally comes from the state. So the federal government is only responsible for a very small percentage of our educational budgets. So the state has a duty under our California constitution and has a duty under our federal constitution with equal protection and due process to not only provide that education, but the state is also preventing private school parents in most of the state from delivering in-person education even if they can do it safely. This is a disgrace, it’s a failure, it is going to cause huge economic problems and emotional problems and learning problems for the kids in California. So the state must act now.

Sure, that’s a great question. It’s politics, like you’ve said. The California Teachers Association is by far the most powerful union lobby in the United States and they effectively own the governor and all the democrats and they are dictating this policy. We know from all of the scientific data and study after study has shown that the risk to the children is virtually nonexistent.

Most of them want to teach.

Most of the teachers want to teach, I just told you. It’s the Teachers union that doesn’t want them to teach because there is power and holding out. For canceling the police, for Medicare for all, they are using their power as leverage for political gain. That’s exactly what is happening in California. I’ve spoken to a lot of teachers, the teachers want to teach and the kids want to be taught, the parents need that. It’s the politics that is failing our kids in California.

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