Dhillon on Robert Mueller Testifying on July 17

Robert Mueller Testifying on July 17

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘The Ingraham Angle’ To Discuss Robert Mueller Testifying on July 17

According to Dhillon:

I think the answer is obvious, Laura, it politicizes what should be a political and nonpolitical judgment, and it injects politics somewhere it shouldn’t be. Now, if anyone had a doubt over the last couple of years as to where Robert Mueller stands and which team he’s playing on, I think it’s been answered by now. He is clearly sympathetic to the Democrats who have done this witch hunt against the president. I’m actually looking forward to some of the questions that Congressman Meadows and his colleagues are going to ask like “When did you know there was no Russia collusion? Weren’t some of the members of your handpicked Democrat team briefed on this a year in advance of the investigation beginning? Why did you drag all these people through the mud and violate the right to counsel of witnesses, pressure people, prosecute people, an old man for something you don’t prosecute Democrats for?” I think there are a lot of questions to be asked here. Robert Mueller, we all know, he could have said “You know what? There are pending prosecutions. I’m respectfully going to decline to answer any questions of yours so don’t even call me.” He could have done that if he were being honest.

Laura, if I can add, the Democrats think that the American people are dumb and that they need Robert Mueller to repeat on camera what he said in his report. You can see this on Twitter. This is exactly the Democrat position. This is cynical, it’s going to backfire. Donald Trump’s biggest superpower has been making his enemies on themselves. I think this is what’s going to be another example out of this hearing coming up.

Sure, maybe we would all like to know that, Laura. I agree with everything that Professor Dershowitz said as well. I speak as a conservative civil libertarian who also believes in due process for the accused. When you have a politicized system, I mean, look, the basic principle in our system, Laura, is that judges and prosecutors are supposed to be beyond reproach and they’re not even supposed to have an appearance of impropriety much less actual impropriety. Here we start out with Robert Mueller being turned down for a job that he was proposed for. Then taking this position to criticize the president. Then handpicking 17 Democrats to be on his team to persecute the president. And then, refusing to honor Department of Justice guidelines. The very same reasons that Rod Rosenstein gave her James Comey to be fired is exactly what Robert Mueller is being asked to do right now by talking about his investigation well in defiance of Department of Justice guidelines, and these reeks of impropriety. So, what it actually does, Laura, setting aside the president, it really underlines the American people’s confidence that when you see a prosecutor get up there, an FBI agent get up there to investigate something, it’s going to be impartial. We don’t believe that anymore.

A better lawyer than Jerry Nadler.

There are so many examples of that in this situation, Laura. I mentioned Paul Manafort going to prison for things that the Podesta brothers are out and about, and every other person in Washington is doing. I mean, it really, in the long term, I think Robert Moeller who had a very storied career as a prosecutor, he was the U.S. Attorney here in San Francisco for one thing, is going to end up having a tarnished career because he chose this last gig. He chose to allow himself to be politicized and he’s continuing to choose to allow himself to do that with really lasting damage. Now, I think Americans are going to go look at this situation on both sides going forward, they’d be cynical about the outcome. That’s a disgrace. It is a real disappointment to me to see that happen.

I was going to say that, if those questions had been asked Professor Dershowitz, it actually would have been Obama Administration officials who would have had to answer those questions because they are the ones who have the information. Nancy Pelosi’s question leads to that trail and nobody wants to go there. I think she’s actually just trying to change the subject. She probably doesn’t think this is the best thing to be dwelling on. She wants to talk about the legislative agenda of the Democrats but they are shooting themselves in the foot by continuing to talk about this.

I mean, I just think this is a sideshow. I think it is there making a mockery of this whole process by trying to politicize it again. And you know, Hollywood is the biggest swamp of hypocrites and immoral people who are doing the worst things to each other and to our society. For them to get on their high horse and preach to the rest of us is ridiculous. I’ve already chewed out many years ago but I don’t think this is going to sway anybody’s opinion.

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