Dhillon on House Resolution to Enforce Barr and McGahn Subpoenas

House Resolution to Enforce Barr and McGahn Subpoenas

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss House Resolution to Enforce Barr and McGahn Subpoenas

According to Dhillon:

Thank you, Lou. No, it wasn’t necessary at all, Lou. This is a fairly toothless gesture by the House to show their contempt for the rule of law and for the American people by continuing this Russia investigation and Mueller investigation charade. I mean, this is really Jerry Nadler kind of looking at the disemboweled entrails of this Mueller investigation and seeing what he can salvage from it. It’s quite a pathetic spectacle but the Attorney General has struck the right tone with this people. He’s going give them a little bit of information if they wanted, although it’s not their job to see it. But he’s not going to stand for a fishing expedition and that’s right.

This is exactly right. The Attorney General is barred by law from sharing all of the underlying information that the Mueller investigation looked up because some of it is protected by a statute and by court rules. Finally, Jerry Nadler is the one who came to the table and faced reality. I don’t think that this is going to amount to anything other than more distraction and less of the Americans people work getting done by this Congress, Lou.

Well, I do think that the judiciary committee and the Senate has actually done a really great job with the one thing which is the judges that they’re going through. That’s really important Lou and it can’t be underestimated. I think yesterday in the House, the Republics on that committee did an excellent job showing what a ridiculous spectacle it was to bring John Dean there to testify. I do think that we see quite a few of them standing up and doing a good job. People were stunned at how great the president handled that Mexico situation with the tariffs. I think that’s actually bringing some people around.

They were stunned. I know.

You and I are not stunned and neither are the supporters of the president, but some of those naysaying Republicans who say no tariffs.

Just between you and me, and your audience. We could use some fresh blood in Congress all around so I definitely would work towards that.

The explanation for that is that the whole idea of relying on Inspector General to make change is a fallacy. The Inspector General is akin to the murder board or the medical board in the hospital where the patient is already dead. So, it’s kind of a post-mortem analysis. That’s not really going to move…

And our democracy and justice. But I think that US attorney Huber has actually been giving a lot of resources, office in the DOJ. I think he is going to be moving forward and naming names. He actually has the power and the ability to do that. I think that that’s really going to be the more promising outcome for investigating the investigators and how did we get to this point where we wasted so much time and undercut the president’s ability to advance his agenda. I do think it’s important and do think that we’re going to see that happen, Lou.

Absolutely. Thank you, Lou.

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