Dhillon on San Jose Trump Rally

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on ‘Fox and Friends’ To Discuss Trump Supporter Rally

According to Dhillon:

California is the epicenter of the resistance, but even there we didn’t expect this to happen. On June 2nd, before president Trump became the nominee. There was a rally, there were several thousand attendees that did the pledge of allegiance at this event. It was a great event. As we were leaving, however, is when it became ugly. The police directed all of the people leaving the event into an ongoing riot that was occurring with violent protesters armed with sticks and, you know, other implements. And several of my clients were hit with bags of rocks, sucker punched, chased, had their clothes torn off, spit on, had eggs thrown at them. The clients in this case or class representatives range from young teens up to ladies in their 70s. It was quite an outrageous scene there that day, and the police stood there and did nothing after barring the exits to safety. Under ninth circuit law, there’s what’s called a state created danger doctrine. If you put people into danger, then the government is responsible for that.

Dhillon Discusses Trump Rally on 'Fox and Friends' from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.

The mayor of San Jose, Sam Ricardo, tweeted that Trump was responsible for this violence, which is outrageous. And kind of the city officials made clear this wasn’t a welcome event there. And the fact that you had 250 armed police forcing people into the most dangerous way to get out of the event and then standing there watching, that is what the ninth circuit agreed with me if the facts alleged are true, and frankly there are thousands of reports on YouTube that you can see it is true, that is unconstitutional, it is a violation of due process to do that to American citizens. We hope to get recompense, not just for the 20 named plaintiffs, but also for a whole class of people there that day.

Anybody who watches the video, and there’s lots of video, will see that the police did absolutely nothing other than put citizens into harm’s way. They would not let us go on a safe route. So now the city is claiming — they’re not good losers here. They’re claiming they’re going to potentially appeal to the full ninth circuit and take it to the Supreme Court if necessary. They refuse to take any responsibility for what happened to these people. People are traumatized two years later. Some people left the state of California as a result of this event.

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