Dhillon on Strzok Transcript and CA Governor

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss Strzok Transcript and CA Governor

According to Dhillon:

I am really glad to see this information and its shocking at multiple levels when they are on casually get in the department of justice and FBI eyes over these years but its great to finally see in their own words what these folks did and what they are up to. What’s really striking in the middle is we seen the lower level players here and we see them end in the cave we haven’t really got to the ring leaders of this whole conspiracy. And President Obama had communicated with Hilary Clinton and his emails are likely on that server and the fix was in early 2016 way before they got down to his lower level characters fixing what happen there and so we still haven’t seen the end of the story. So, I think he should never be involved on this entire process to start with, he has a history of prosecutions that has shut down over justice and Anderson and the United states Supreme Court reverse 910 on that. But the fact that he is leaving probably signal couple of things, maybe the investigation has whining into an end, and secondly, he was charged into successful if you are part of this prosecution with Rick gates and Maniford and maybe he wants sort of move on before the real mess opens up on this entire investigation of report and what it finds and doesn’t find so I think that is what going on there.

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss Strzok Transcript and CA Governor from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.

The entire team of partisans have this kind of background. People forget the fact that it’s the Department of Justice not the Department of Convictions, prosecutions plea agreements. Prosecutors are meant to use aggression and judgement to go after only crimes and criminals were they believed that justice will be done. The Arthur Anderson’s situation is why they made up law to knot their bell when they win regardless the human carnis that occurred. This situation is the same with Paul Maniford’s case when he was charged to go to jail for the rest of his life effectively for doing something that the Pedester brothers and Washington do everyday— is outrageous and its not just. And we will see what happen on this investigation but it reeks of injustice from day one. This is wrong on multiple levels and that’s an under statement obviously even in just his recent election he just got elected he did not run on the issue he said he leave it up on the voters and he did not do that and in fact he’s not capable of doing that with this gay marriage situation prop a when he was the mayor of San Francisco. The voters of California rejected the opposition he announced this week twice in the last 6 years, ignoring the will of the voters. Hes ignoring the victims California has strong statutory rights for victims and their families are present and all these murder convictions. We have special rules to protect the guilty and the accused with juries, and so throwing it all aside, seven hundred people on death row are getting gift from the Governor is an outrage and a travesty of justice.

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