Harmeet Dhillon Discusses DACA, Border Wall Battle

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Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on Fox Business’ ‘Making Money’ To Discuss Border Wall Battle

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According to Harmeet:

As a Republican and somebody who supported the president, I think if he doesn’t build the wall, it’s going to critically hurt his chances for reelection. I’m counting on him to do that. But this $33 billion package, $18bn for the wall, is actually going to fund a law that was passed in 2006 with the assistance of many of the democratic senators who’re now opposing the law, all supported a secure fence in 2006. Now, for political reasons, they’re trying to push the president to look at a clean DACA bill that doesn’t put any strings on it. I think it’s important that the president holds their feet to the fire and make sure that if a deal is done, the border wall is a nonnegotiable part of that.

There are other issues that have to be included: ending chain migration, increased funding for border security, as well as I.C.E. and other aspects of border security. In terms of the DACA, I think the devil is going to be in the details. We have a couple thousand of them who are criminals. We need to enforce the laws. And I think a lot of supporters, not just supporters of the president but the Americans would like to see a challenge taken to the sanctuary cities that are absolutely putting people in danger.

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