Berkeley Troy Worden v. BAMN Yvette Falarca Lawsuit

Our client Troy Worden on Fox & Friends January 9, 2018 about our court victory against ANTIFA activist Yvette Felarca of BAMN, requiring her to pay us over $11,000 in attorney fees and costs.

Troy Worden UC Berkeley BAMN Antifa

Click above to watch Troy Worden’s interview on Fox News on his court victory against BAMN.

UPDATE: January 4, 2018 – Court Orders BAMN Leader Pay Former Berkeley College Republican President

Commissioner Thomas Rasch of the Superior Court of Alameda County ordered Berkeley By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) leader Yvette Felarca to pay former Berkeley College Republicans (BCR) president Troy Worden $11,100 for filing a frivolous civil harassment restraining order against Worden last year, today.

Read the full press release on our blog.

UPDATE: December 15, 2017 – Troy Worden Files Motion Against BAMN Leader, Seeking $100,000+ In Damages

Troy Worden—the former president of the Berkeley College Republicans—has filed a motion against Yvette Felarca, well-known instigator and anarchist, who filed a frivolous civil restraining order complaint against Worden. His motion claims damages worth more than $100,000, including Worden’s attorney fees and sanctions against Felarca and her lawyers. Dhillon Law Group represented Worden in his legal defense and now in this motion, and in his broader quest to see his civil rights protected from false, speech-suppressing claims.

Read the full commentary by Harmeet Dhillon on our blog.

UPDATE: November 22, 2017 – Right-Wing, Left-Wing Berkeley Celebs Trade Barbs, Lawsuits

In the latest chapter in a feud between two high-profile political activists, former Berkeley College Republicans president Troy Worden announced he is suing antifa celebrity Yvette Felarca for more than $100,000 in damages.

Read the full article on East Bay Times

UPDATE: November 09, 2017 – Dhillon Law Group Wins Key Victory Against Radical BAMN Group

2017 has seen the rise of By Any Means Necessary, a violent, national group of leftist political activists allied with the Antifa movement—but while the group’s increase in radical actions is alarming, it’s hardly been unfettered. Just recently, BAMN suffered a tremendous legal blow at the hands of UC Berkeley’s College Republicans—with a major assist from the Dhillon Law Group.

Read the full commentary by Harmeet Dhillon on our blog.

UPDATE: November 09, 2017 – Restraining Order Against UC Berkeley College Republicans Leader Dismissed

Troy Worden, the Berkeley College Republicans president at the center of an in-house power struggle, proclaimed victory in a different battle last week after a judge dismissed a temporary restraining order initiated against him by local antifa celebrity Yvette Felarca.

Read the full article on East Bay Times.

UPDATE: October 02, 2017 – UC Berkeley Flunks Its Own Free-Speech Legacy—Again And Again

The University of California Berkeley is championed by leftists as the birthplace of the free speech movement, a mantle it’s been all too happy to claim as its own—yet in recent months, that smug veneer has been stripped away to uncover a brutal partisan hypocrisy.

Read the full commentary by Harmeet Dhillon on our blog.

UPDATE: October 02, 2017 – Berkeley Free Speech Lawsuit Dismissed, Plaintiffs Get Second Chance

A judge on Friday dismissed the Berkeley College Republicans’ (BCR) allegation that UC Berkeley suppressed conservative speech by not paving the way for Ann Coulter to talk in April, but gave the group a month to file a new complaint.

Attorney Harmeet Dhillon said her clients were prepared to craft a new complaint by the Oct. 27 deadline.

In an interview Saturday, Dhillon said the new UC Berkeley events policy, which details the steps student groups must take to bring a speaker to campus, is “unconstitutionally vague,” and does not successfully provide the injunctive relief her clients demanded in their original suit. The policy went into effect on an interim basis in August and will be finalized by January after feedback is gathered and incorporated.

Read the full article on Berkeleyside.

UPDATE: September 23, 2017 – Milo Proposes Creation of California College Republicans Legal Defense Team

Former Breitbart Senior Editor MILO has proposed the creation of a California College Republicans legal defense team to help conservative students negotiate with liberal college administrations.

“Our current resources have been organizations like FIRE, Harmeet Dhillon Law Firm, Shawn Steel Law Firm, and Freedom X,” she continued. “Under the current model California College Republicans has not played an essential role in connecting College Republican chapters with legal support, and I feel this has led to the lack in confidence on the part of many college students who end up being too scared to stand up and take action.”

Read the full article on Breitbart.

UPDATE: September 11, 2017 – Berkeley offers counseling ahead of Ben Shapiro visit

Berkeley is buffing up security ahead of unrest at commentator Ben Shapiro’s scheduled event but the university also is offering counseling to worried students and faculty. Is this ‘snowflaking’ gone too far?

Watch the full video on Fox News.

UPDATE: August 24, 2017 – UC Berkeley Tries To Reclaim Its Free Speech Legacy

BERKELEY — In recent months, white nationalists and other “alt-right” groups have advanced the argument that UC Berkeley isn’t living up to its distinction as the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement. By canceling events such as a February speech by conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, they contend, the school is stepping on their First Amendment right to express themselves.

Click here to read the full article on The Mercury News.

It all started with the cancellation of Ann Coulter’s and Milo Yiannopoulos’ cancelled speeches at UC Berkeley.

Read Dhillon Law Group’s response to UC Berkeley regarding suppression of free speech on campus:

Please click here to access the April 20, 2017 letter to UC Berkeley’s Interim Vice Chancellor regarding the cancellation of Ann Coulter’s speech on campus.

Please click here to access UC Berkeley’s responsive letter to our April 20, 2017 letter.

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