DJUSD Requests Restraining Order Dismissal Against Bourne

Case overview

Davis, CA- The Davis Joint Unified School District filed for dismissal in their request for a permanent injunction against Dhillon Law Group client Beth Bourne. 

Beth Bourne is an involved parent in the Davis Joint Unified School District, as she has volunteered at Davis public schools.  

On October 4, the District sought a workplace violence restraining order against her.   

This was due to Beth exercising her First Amendment right to criticize the district’s promotion of views and policies around gender that Beth believes are harmful to vulnerable minors, namely encouraging and facilitating gender transition among young people, including without parental knowledge or consent. 

California’s workplace violence restraining order statute is meant to protect employees from outsiders who pose a credible threat of violence to employees at their place of work. The district’s case against Beth was about silencing her—not protecting District employees. 

Therefore, Beth retained counsel and was prepared to vindicate her First Amendment rights in court in December. Before that could happen, however, the district abandoned its case against Beth by voluntarily dismissing it. While Beth was looking forward to disproving the disparaging notion that she endangered District employees, Beth is pleased the district is no longer using the court system to silence her. 

Beth will continue to advocate for children, parents, and other members of the community in Davis. 

“Beth faced unfair accusations in the court of public opinion when the District attempted to bar Beth from its facilities by grossly mischaracterizing her conduct and blaming her for the acts of others. While we were eager to defend Beth in a court of law, Beth’s right to continue voicing her views is intact,” said Dhillon Law Group Associate Jesse Franklin-Murdock. “We are therefore glad the District did the right thing in dismissing its petition against Beth.” 

DJUSD Requests Restraining Order Dismissal Against Bourne
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