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Dhillon on Google

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street’ To Discuss Google

According to Dhillon:

There is an extreme anti-conservative bias at most senior levels of Google. It was kind of touching to see them crying, but some of the parts of the video it didn’t show extreme demagoguery calling conservatives, Trump supporters, and facists. Just basically another basket of deplorables type of approach. It is shocking to see people openly doing that. They assume that everybody in the audience listening was a fellow traveler of that world view which they weren’t, like James Damore and some others who eventually have been fired or hounded out of the company. The arrogance in being out of touch with America was really bad, but multiply to infinity given the fact that these are the people who control information flow around the world who openly said in this video that they wanted to shape American viewpoints going forward.

It is no secret to challenge the results of the election and change them. Just a couple of days ago a story broke about Google using its resources to coordinate with a non-profit to get out Latino vote to help Hillary Clinton get elected. That is illegal on two levels. It is an undeclared campaign contribution, and it’s illegal for a non-profit to be doing that. One of ladies there on the stage was crying. I have a very good authority she was in line for cabinet of Hillary Clinton. No wonder she [Ruth Porat] was upset. She lost that opportunity. She was close to the campaign. There is some kind of finance role in the administration that was planned for her. All those people on stage, people who make 8 or 9 figure compensation, and it is profoundly disturbing they are out of touch and broken up by this. Now they claim, as said in the statement, that there is no political bias evident even a child. Even a liberal friend of mine says that is ridiculous.

Xenaphobic. Fear oriented fascist is the worst kind of demagoguery, and it doesn’t have a place in America. In all these years in my being a Republican official I have never gone and said people who are Democrats are despicable, Marxist or Stalinist. That is not how you convince people on the other side, but Google agrees to do censorship in China. I mean, trying to search for Dalai Lama. They use censorships in America to block people’s viewing of videos, and accessing other data. They are using those types of bias to prevent advertising by conservative outlets like Breitbart and others. These people are absolutely censoring at every level, every day at this country, and it needs to stop.

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