Dhillon on Violence Against Trump Supporters

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on Fox Business’ ‘Lou Dobbs’ To Discuss Violence Against Trump Supporters Ignored by the Media

According to Dhillon:

These guys are totally out of touch. The crocodile tears from the media should be juxtaposed against the fact that they do spout lies and sell slanted stories all day long. 90 percent of the stories about our president are negative. A Gallup poll from this year showed that nearly half of Americans can’t trust the media and can’t name an unbiased source. In this backdrop the only violence that happening here on the national stage are members of Congress and now a Senator encouraging violence against Trump supporters. I have a lawsuit against San Jose for violence against Trump supporters in 2016, and they aren’t reporting on that. They are reporting on their own naval gazing concerns which most Americans aren’t concerned about.

For 8 years almost every member of Congress for our party has campaigned on this issue of border security and tightening up our immigration system. They raise money off of it, they got emails about it, and then when push comes to shove they’re nowhere to be seen. In fact they’re actively undermining the president’s agenda. And it’s not just this issue, we saw it with Obamacare and some other issues as well. I’ve heard it said on this network and I agree with 100 days left to go we really need a leader of the Congress there who is going to lead the forces and do what they promised and not be a lame duck that is looking to their next job. It’s very disappointing what I see from my party on this.

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on Lou Dobbs Tonight To Discuss Violence Against Trump Supporters from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.

They’re actually having it both ways. A lot of the Koch industrial complex is surrounding the president. A lot of the lawyers in the administration are people who are tied to the Kochs. In the White House, there are lawyers who are tied to that. They have it both ways, you’re absolutely correct. In California you see it more than any other state. Here in California we see that its big business interests who are pushing to keep the immigration problem from being solved with both at the low income level with agriculture workers and at the highest level with tech workers in Silicon Valley. Our party needs to stand firm.

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