On January 8, 2018, Dhillon Law Group filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of James Damore and others similarly situated against Google for its discriminatory employment practices.
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Dhillon Law Group Press Conference on Google Lawsuit

Google Discrimination Lawsuit

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Fund Google Case Seeking Fairness For EmployeesJames Damore Google Discrimination Lawsuit Fund

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According to James Damore:

We are the men and women plaintiffs (named and anonymous) in the Google lawsuit alleging workplace bias against women and men with views perceived as conservative; men; and Caucasian/Asian people who work at Google, worked at Google, or applied to work at Google but were not hired because of Google’s unlawful employment practices. Some of us were fired for our views or other protected characteristics. Some of us have been bullied, silenced, shamed, humiliated, and retaliated against for raising issues about Google’s quotas, blacklists, and discrimination against those who challenge its workplace practices. Google is the most powerful corporation in the world, worth over $700 billion and with an ability to affect every aspect of our lives. To fight against Google’s misconduct, and to protect the rights of all Google employees/applicants, we need the support of people like you at any dollar level to make sure that we get our day in court, and have the resources we need to win this fight. These funds are not for the plaintiffs’ personal expenses or use but for the legal case only. Please help — and share!



Read James Damore’s Full Google Memo

Harmeet Dhillon Law Group

UPDATE: April 20, 2018
Tackling Injustice at Google

The full text and documents of James Damore’s class-action lawsuit against Google make for fascinating reading. Throughout, the company’s policies are close to indistinguishable from those of many elite colleges, and indeed of more and more of corporate America (including many media companies). It is, of course, a great idea for Google to include as many people as possible from as many diverse experiences and backgrounds as possible — in order to recruit the very best employees.

But the “social justice” movement is about much more than that. It’s about replacing and subverting what it regards as “white male dominant” culture. And how does Google define “white male dominant culture”? According to a Google HR department handout, cited by Damore, some of the nefarious qualities “[v]alued by U.S. white/male dominant culture” include: perfectionism, individual achievement, objectivity, meritocracy, and a “colorblind racial frame.” And it is important to push back against all of them.

Read the full article on New York Magazine.

UPDATE: April 18, 2018

Dhillon Law Group, on behalf of the Plaintiffs, filed a First Amended Complaint against Google, adding three additional named class representatives who were denied employment at Google, as well as additional allegations, and legal claims.

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UPDATE: April 11, 2018
The Silicon Valley Political Bubble

‘Tremendous’ and ‘outrageous’ are also two words that could be used to describe the revelations about Google from former employee, James Damore, who is currently suing the tech giant for discriminatory practices.

You may remember Damore from his famous company memo that circulated the internet a few months back.

In it, he detailed how Google’s obsession with achieving perfect diversity was not only endlessly difficult, due to the innate differences between men and women, but harmed the working environment of its employees who had to fit into a so-called ‘monoculture.’

Damore revealed more information about Google’s ‘ideological echo chamber’ in his lawsuit. Some of the claims include instances of employment discrimination against white males, the blacklisting of conservative individuals, and the encouragement of political violence, to name a few.

Read the full article on The Millenial Merit.

UPDATE: April 11, 2018
Conservative Lawmakers Question Mark Zuckerberg

There’s a belief among many right-leaning online communities that there’s a conspiracy among big Silicon Valley companies to censor their views. This idea stretches back years. And when a figure emerges whose experience seems to prove that accusation, that person becomes a right-wing folk hero.

In August, James Damore was fired from Google for writing a memo that, the company said, perpetuated “gender stereotypes.” What happened to him was, from the perspective of the right-wing Internet, a fulfilled prophecy, something they expect a company like Google to do to conservatives. And when a Damore crosses over into the mainstream, it becomes an opportunity to evangelize.

Damore’s firing — and then, tech companies’ crackdown on hate speech following the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville later that month — launched a surprising movement among right-wing tech leaders to regulate companies like Facebook, which they believe are too biased against conservatives to properly moderate content on their own. This, and not Cambridge Analytica, has been the reason many conservatives wanted Zuckerberg in the hot seat.

Read the full article on The Washington Post.

UPDATE: April 10, 2018
John Stossel: The Left’s War on Science

According to John Tierney, researching gender differences is dangerous to your career.

“You can’t talk about sexual differences between men and women, (although) it’s OK if they favor women,” laughs Tierney. “You can say men are more likely to commit crimes, but you can’t suggest that there might be some sexual difference that might predispose men to be more interested in a topic.”

Google fired engineer James Damore merely for suggesting that sex differences might explain why more men choose to work in tech.

“Damore just pointed out very basic scientific research about differences between the sexes,” argues Tierney. “The experts in this, as soon as he published that memo, said, yes, he basically got the science right.”

Read the full op-ed on Fox News.

Similar Claims and Complaints Filed Against Google

Ars TechnicaEx-Google engineer: “I was fired for being too liberal”

The VergeFormer Google employee files lawsuit alleging the company fired him over pro-diversity posts

WIREDEx-Google Employee Claims Wrongful Firing For Criticizing James Damore’s Memo

Vanity FairGoogle Has Become Ground Zero For The Culture Wars

Source: Google Secretly Lobbied NLRB Over James Damore

Damore’s attorney in the lawsuit, Harmeet Dhillon commented, “the NLRB normally is supposed to handle a firing case quickly, within weeks, not months, because the NLRB’s mandate is to get redress for the employee quickly if possible, including rehiring and back pay.”

Read the full article on Breitbart.

Google and NLRB Relationship

According to Dhillon:
James filed a case with the NLRB the day he was fired from Google. It happened before he got counsel. The National Labor Act, which is implemented by the Board, protects workers’ rights under unacceptable working conditions — the memo that James wrote falls under that protected category.

So,we got geared up for a lawsuit. The National Labor Relations Board has a number of regional offices and they decided that James had a case. Now, when somebody’s fired, they’re supposed to act quickly within weeks to have a hearing and get them returned to their job. While we were waiting, we realized something’s wrong. It turns out Google lobbied the Washington office of the NLRB.

President Trump appointed the Deputy General Counsel. Obama holdovers at the NLRB decided to overrule.

We withdrew the NLRB charge when we realized they’re going to sit on it and not take it seriously. We filed a lawsuit in state court. We’re waiting for our first day in court, which will be in May.

Google is big, but you still have to follow the law.


Damore on Silicon Valley Groupthink

According to Damore:

Silicon Valley started as sort of libertarian, open to many ideas. Now, there is a group think. We see many people leaving Silicon Valley because of this. I’ve talked to a few [Google employees and] it seems like it’s gotten even worse – they have doubled down on some of this diversity rhetoric and people are even more afraid now to speak up. Surveys show that about 80% of conservatives now don’t want to talk about anything at work. People are definitely afraid of Google. It’s the most powerful company in the world. But, I think that they are really seeing the push back from conservatives and free thinkers alike.


Dhillon, Damore on NLRB’s Ruling on Google

According to Dhillon:

The National Labor Relations Act has a limited scope. What is covered there was a concept called Protected Concerted Activity. In our lawsuit we talk about equal employment norms not covered by the National Labor Relations Act. Longstanding precedent in the National Labor Relations Act is that conduct like James’ was protected. At a regional level in San Francisco area, the National Labor Relations Board decided to who have forward with James’s case. We had one lawyer in the National Labor Relations Board who wrote this memo, it is an advice memo, not a ruling, there was no evidence taken, there was in hearing, nobody was sworn. It’s interesting they released the thing month after they wrote it. It was odd and gratuitous for them to do that. James doesn’t have a case in front of the National Labor Relations Board anymore. We withdrew that charge and focused on the class action lawsuit.  Google didn’t lobby them to restrict worker rights.


Damore Discusses Lawsuit, Comments from Google

Damore on Google Lawsuit from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.

According to Damore: You can’t really trust the company’s public response especially when they’re being sued. Do I think they regret firing me? Of course. Most Google employees and Americans, when they were polled, disagreed with the firing and it really exposed the internal toxic political culture at Google.

#JoinJames #JoinUs In The Fight For Equality

#JoinJames #JoinUs In The Fight For Workplace Equality from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.


Harmeet Dhillon’s Deep History Defending Conservative Views

 Google Discrimination James Damore


To understand lawyer Harmeet Dhillon’s passion for the controversial case of James Damore, who is suing Google for allegedly discriminating against him as a conservative white man, it’s helpful to look back — way back.

“What I learned from [working as editor in chief of the Dartmouth Review at Dartmouth College] is that lawyers can play a very important role in safeguarding our civil rights in our country,” said Dhillon. “That really left an impression on me.”

“Journalists didn’t take sides, and I wanted to take a side,” Dhillon said. “I felt like I could accomplish more in terms of an impact on people around me, on things that I cared about, as a lawyer.”


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Google Lawsuit Discussion by Steve Hilton on Fox News (1/15/2017)

Google Discrimination Lawsuit

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#JoinJames In The Fight For Equality

#JoinJames In The Fight For Workplace Equality from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.


Dhillon, Damore Interview on Fox America’s Newsroom (1/12/2017)

Dhillon Damore Interview Fox America

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Dhillon, Damore Interview with S.E. Cupp on “Unfiltered” (1/10/2017)

Dhillon Damore SE CUPP Interview CNN

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Harmeet Dhillon Interview with Tucker Carlson (1/9/2017)

Dhillon Damore Interview Tucker Carlson

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Harmeet Dhillon Interview with Charles Payne (1/9/2017)

Harmeet Dhillon James Damore Charles Payne

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Harmeet Dhillon Interview with Stuart Varney on Fox News (1/9/2017)

Dhillon Damore Interview Stuart Varney

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Google Lawsuit Interview with Charles Payne (1/8/2017)

Charles Payne Fox News

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