UPDATE: April 11, 2018 – The Silicon Valley Political Bubble

Harmeet Dhillon

‘Tremendous’ and ‘outrageous’ are also two words that could be used to describe the revelations about Google from former employee, James Damore, who is currently suing the tech giant for discriminatory practices.

You may remember Damore from his famous company memo that circulated the internet a few months back.

In it, he detailed how Google’s obsession with achieving perfect diversity was not only endlessly difficult, due to the innate differences between men and women, but harmed the working environment of its employees who had to fit into a so-called ‘monoculture.’

Damore revealed more information about Google’s ‘ideological echo chamber’ in his lawsuit. Some of the claims include instances of employment discrimination against white males, the blacklisting of conservative individuals, and the encouragement of political violence, to name a few.

Read the full article on The Millenial Merit.

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