Dhillon on President Trump Testing Positive for COVID-19 and Arriving at Walter Reed Medical Center (Part 2)

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FBN’s ‘The Evening Edit’ To Discuss President Trump Testing Positive for COVID-19 and Arriving at Walter Reed Medical Center (Part 2)

According to Dhillon (Video Transcript):

Even the vice presidential debate is being called into question by the Biden-Harris ticket. That seems very odd to me. Life is going on for 300 million Americans. We are making changes to our lives. We are taking precautions and we are moving forward. So I don’t know why a presidential campaign should be any different when it’s certainly not the Trump campaign with our president now in Walter Reed, who is asking for a reprieve, it’s the other side.

I mean, it’s obvious what’s going on. And it wasn’t just this Wolkoff lady, there was Omarosa, and there were other people who weasel their way into the inner circle of the First Family for the purpose apparently of trading off of that relationship, making money with a book deal. It’s all about selling books. You know, I think even the partner of Pete Buttigieg tweeted about this saying all you guys are doing by drawing attention to this shady sleazy story is helping this woman sell books. She broke an NDA, she betrayed the First Family, no person, if you just set aside the politics and imagine this happening to you as a person, you’re talking off the cuff with a friend, you didn’t think you’re being taped, because only a weirdo would do that. And then it’s selectively edited and released. But even the selective editing couldn’t take away what her words were, her words were true. Her words were decent, they cared about those children. And the reason why the president put forward that policy of separation was to deter human trafficking. I’m sorry, who’s against deterring human trafficking? You know, that’s what the White House’s policy has been all along. That’s what the First Lady reflected in her remarks there. And what did she say that was untrue?