Dhillon on College Admission Scam

Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on Fox News’ ‘The Ingraham Angle’ To Discuss College Admission Scam

According to Dhillon:

Well, I don’t think these parents saw that they will get caught. When you look at the secretly recorded testimony, it’s clear that they thought that they can get away with it and that’s the number one issue. Number two, as you mentioned these kids has this entitlement mentality these days that everybody gets award, everybody is number one and there’s no such thing as competition anymore and so these kids are already spoiled brats just to be frank. And you know they weren’t expecting to excel. Apparently, the parents are waiting like ”oh my god!” now its time to go to college and maybe they were thinking that they don’t really pay attention. I think this is very bad that the individual parent, but you know that this is just the first shoot that’s going to dropped. There’s a much bigger scandal happening here.

Harmeet Dhillon Discusses CollegeGate Cheating Scandal with Laura Ingraham from Harmeet Dhillon on Vimeo.

So, these two daughters are big on Instagram and they make money on that. So they don’t need to make a slot away from a kid who actually would want to get in the school. But you know what couple of things are going on here right now. First, the supply of students has outstripped the foreign students but the federal government subsiding anybody who wants to go to college means that people who should be going to college or going to college and that’s really crowding out the legitimate competition.  And frankly, the reason that this scam was able to go on is that– they set aside these top schools for sports and there’s no actual standard or checking that directly go to sports. So they just let them in, then they proceed to not even participate to most sports at all. I just wonder why there’s no absolute quality control on these kids then. So, this is a federal tax crime, wire fraud, taking advantage of other kids and you know racketeering is part of this as well in some parts. It doesn’t surprise me because you got people who have all the money in the world and you have all these loopholes are there for exploitation, this is what smart people do. And desperate people. These people are desperate to get this badge, if you well, that’s required to proceed in our society. Maybe it shouldn’t be but what they did was totally illegal on multiple levels. The people are used to participating in sports just for getting into college and that’s the form of corruption. And academe always comes first. When we look at the profile of these people most of them are white and they are taking spaces from Asians who are studying and doing well.

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